Not-So-Known Benefits Offered by Massage Therapy



If you’re all stressed out from a busy workweek, massage can obviously make you feel better. But a good rubdown can give you so much more than that.

Good Bowel Movement

According to research featured in the International Journal of Nursing Studies, constipation can be relieved through Marietta Therapeutic Massage. In the study, 60 individuals with constipation were divided in two sets, where one was given laxatives and the other received laxatives and abdominal massage. Eight weeks later, the massage group reported better bowel movement and less abdominal pain that the pure-laxative group.

Stronger Immune Defenses

The human immune system has also been reported to benefit from Marietta Massage Therapy. A study out of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center detected a boost in the number of circulating lymphocytes or white blood cells, which are directly involved in fighting infections.

Low Back Pain Management

Chronic low back pain is notorious for being difficult to treat, and based on new guidelines, reaching for the pill for relief won’t really help – not in the long term, at least. A drug-free way that actually works to manage the condition is massage. Around half of people with chronic low back pain who had 10 rounds of massage reported significant improvements in their pain, according to a study published in the Pain Medicine journal. Moreover, the effects were sustained, with three-fourths of the subjects continuing to experience the improvement for up to 24 weeks following the 12th session.

Better Sleep

The University of Miami School of Medicine also conducted its own study of 30 adults who had chronic low back pain, where those who got half-hour massages twice a week for five weeks, had less problems sleeping and even enjoyed a dramatic improvement in their quality of sleep. As the massage also reduced the pain, it can be said that less aches can help improve shuteye quality, say the researchers.

Hypertension Management

After a good massage, you usually say you feel “feel better,” which is not just in your mind because even your blood pressure gets better. According to a study, if you get a 10-15-minute Swedish massage thrice a week, your systolic blood pressure can drop by as much as 12mm Hg. The same research shows this effect can be sustained for up to three days following each session.

Post-Exercise Soreness Prevention

Lastly, if you usually feel very sore after a tough workout, massage can end this problem. According to a study featured in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, muscle soreness can be substantially reduced by massaging the affected muscle for ten minutes. If you can’t get a massage after your gym session, keep moving in “active rest” (for example, shoulder shrugs for ten minutes), and you will get the same soreness-reducing effect.

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